The Yemen Data Project is an independent data collection project aimed at collecting and disseminating data on the conduct of the war in Yemen, with the purpose of increasing transparency and promoting accountability of the actors involved. In the absence of official military records from any of the parties to the conflict, the Yemen Data Project was founded in 2016 with the overall goal of contributing independent and neutral data to increase transparency over the conduct of the war and to inform humanitarian response, human rights advocacy, media coverage, and policy discussion. Our mission is to collect and disseminate data with transparency and without advocacy for, or alignment to, any political cause, party or policy.

The Yemen Data Project is a not-for-profit project and is contributed to by international and national security, human rights, humanitarian, and academic experts. The project and all activities are independently funded to avoid any partisan affiliation.


YDP has received funding from the philanthropic organization, Open Society Foundations and from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust  to cover the costs of employing data collectors, a researcher, and a part-time spokesperson. Aside from this support YDP depends on pro bono contributions from volunteers. YDP is constantly seeking additional, independent, long-term funding to continue our work.


Our data collectors at YDP have to remain anonymous for their own safety and for security reasons. The data team are Yemenis who have been extensively trained in data collection, research, and coding. The data collectors have also received external training in data collection methodology and data analysis from ACLED.

Our founders have a long-standing background in data collection in Yemen that precedes the current conflict. They began collecting data on air raids as soon as the Saudi-UAE-led collation launched its air war in Yemen in March 2015. As the war continued and the database expanded they realized the value of the information as a point of record for the conflict and its potential usefulness for others. The Yemen Data Project was then established in 2016 in order to disseminate the growing database and improve transparency.

Our representative is an independent journalist, Iona Craig - a specialist on the Arabian Peninsula who has been reporting from Yemen since 2010. As the public face of the Yemen Data Project, she is available to answer your questions, respond to media requests and any inquiries. Please write to iona.craig@yemendataproject.org


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