Collating and disseminating data on the conduct of the war in Yemen with the purpose of increasing transparency and promoting accountability

In February 2024, in collaboration with ACLED, Yemen Data Project launched the Yemen Conflict Obseravtory,

a new platform offering an array of analytical tools and products to help users stay up-to-date with the latest developments. The YCO is a living hub that combines data-driven analysis with robust qualitative assessments of political violence and disorder to enable greater awareness of how the status quo is shifting, complemented by providing a deeper contextual understanding of the conflict environment. Visit the YCO.

SAUDI AIRWAR 2015-2022

Seperate to the new YCO, Yemen Data Project continues to collect data on air raids and strikes. Following on from seven years of data collection on the Saudi-led air war, since January 2024 YDP has been collecting data on US-led strikes in Yemen. No Saudi-led coalition air raids have been recored since the April 2022 ceasefire.

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